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The Boogiedown

Ok, here’s the Boogiedown! Greetings, I’m your administrator, Kyle Carper, as well as the creator, designer, and developer of Boogie Bargain. I launched this website as another project in 2018, in association with the Rory Richards Self -Blogging System. I found that to be an overwhelmingly exhaustive program with not much R.O.I. on the end of the client, so I discontinued that site and the whole idea behind Boogie Bargain. Earlier this year, I received some encouraging feedback in regards to one of my other business endeavors. It prompted me to completely re-design and re-launch this newest version of Boogie Bargain as an E-commerce website business.

First Time Charm

This is my very first Ecommerce business venture. It has been a baptism by fire, to say the least, in getting it up and running, fully. I’ve been building this business completely on my own and 100% from scratch. Although it has been a lot of fun along the way, it has proven to be extremely tedious and arduous at times. Ironing out all of the smaller details and workings that go into erecting an Ecommerce platform, no matter how unassuming, can be very difficult. Inkutt graphics and GeeknVegan, the companies represented on some of the items listed in the shop are both my additional website businesses.Inkutt Graphics Banner

Next to Come

GeeknVegan is the first company logo I decided to make into an apparel item, sporting it myself strictly for personal wear initially. I received so much positive feedback on it, I decided to make it available to the public. I did the same thing with Inkutt Graphics as well as this company and logo, Boogie Bargain. I made this platform their selling headquarters. Although it’s been rather slow starting out, I still continue to receive positive feedback in regards to my ideas. As a result, it has been keeping me motivated to continue plugging along with this entire E-commerce venture.


When Boogie Bargain gets completed, I intend to expand the selling capabilities to all website subscribers and customers. Those who register will be able to post and sell their own items in the Boogie Bargain shop. They will have full access to the shop and other website functions. So stick around during this site construction as you are already an integral part of the entire Boogie Bargain experience! That is the real Boogiedown!

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